At Admin Aid there are two main channels in the business that are offered to our clients.  That of Virtual Assistant and Virtual Receptionist.  

Virtual Assistant - Here the main focus is to be your Personal Assistant but just on a remote and freelance basis.  There are many advantages to you as the manager or business owner.  You no longer have to be bogged down doing these tasks so you can be more productive in the areas of the business where you are really needed.  If you have explored the idea of employing someone on a full time or part time basis a virtual receptionist will let you flexibly explore if you really need to make that permanent step, thus saving costs.  Not to mention the concerns with social distancing a virtual freelance P.A is just one less body to worry about and can add great  flexibility to your team if you had to downsize due to Covid-19.

Virtual Receptionist - If you find you are taking all the calls and general enquiries that are related to your business then you should explore the option of a Virtual Receptionist.  This is worked on a call bundle package where calls can be answered for you but if needed then can also be returned to your clients.  As a business owner you should really only be taking calls that are necessary to your role in the business.  Again you will have a professional front of house to greet your clients on the phone so you can be fully present where you need to be and not always chasing those calls and voicemails.

For enquiries and prices submit your query on our contact us page.  


Let us take on the general admin functions that take up your time

  • Word/Excel document processing
  • Email/database management
  • PowerPoint presentation creation
  • PDF Creation
  • Business prospectus creation
  • Expenses
  • Travel booking
  • Schedule planning                            

A professional point of contact for your business

  • Call forwarding service
  • We will answer customer calls and enquiries
  • Collate these enquiries and forward them to you for your response
  • If needed we can reply to customers on your behalf
  • Confirm any bookings/jobs with your customers
  • Can manage and schedule your jobs to your calendar 
  • This works on different call bundle packages                                                                          


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